Sanjay Gupta & Associates is a leading global Cost Accountancy and Financial Consultancy firm that has shifted the very grounds of its outsourcing offering, from cost optimization to transformation enabling services. Underlined by innovation, value creation and flexibility.
• One of the leading Cost and Management    accountancy.
• Implementation of SAP & ERP.

Client centric value offers established differences between services and services+. The difference comes from unique Client insights and value propositions backed by competencies and validated by client experience.

SGA offers integrated services that are modular, scalable and flexible.
By opting to deliver value rather than just cost optimization, we leverage the best of world technology.
Unique partnerships with well recognized vendors has bought to the table, world renowned products and services.


The firm believes that the difference between professionals, lies not merely in the ranges of services they offer, but in the quality and depth of the services provided. We ensure that our clients benefit from optimum solutions that are provided after considering a holistic perspective of several issues involved. This is achieved by giving personal attention and constant interaction with clients.”